Benefits of Cloud Migration

Benefits of Cloud Migration for Small and Medium Size Business

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Moving your applications or data to the cloud is the toughest decision which any organization has to take with its stakeholders. To make an intelligent decision and plan your migration strategy, some of the advantages need to be considered.

While the cloud environment is generally reliable, scalable and most important highly available, risks of cloud migration should not be ignored. If you are thinking to make a decision of shifting your services and data from a traditional environment to a cloud-based environment, these points will be helpful to get closer to your decision.

Possible Benefits of Cloud Migration

  • Cloud computing works on a pay per use model, this means that you only have to pay for only those services that you are using.
  • Shifting to cloud platform makes the system scalable. This means you can upgrade or downgrade according to your requirement. If your application is experiencing increased traffic, it is easier to scale.
  • Storing your confidential data is always a problem. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with the storing need of your company.
  • The maintenance and operational cost will be decreased and your IT effectiveness will be increased.
  • The biggest advantage of cloud migration is that you can choose between Public, Private and Hybrid cloud according to your requirement.
  • Shifting to the cloud will definitely improve your implementation and deployment of applications thus help to focus more on development while the overall infrastructure overload.
  • Clients can access the data and applications from any place in the geographical region. You can manage your system with less manpower and you don’t need to expand the business geographically.
  • All you need is an internet connection and you are at your work in seconds.
  • Tracking your applications and clients accessing at a current time becomes easier with cloud computing.
  • Service providers will provide you with full support and technical support during the cloud migration and you just need to provide your requirements and all will be done automatically. You just need to invest money for once and all your headache is gone.
  • Cloud models handle many administration tasks including software upgrades, backing database, and periodic maintenance.
  • 24*7 availability of resources.

These were some of the advantages of cloud migration and these will be helping you to make the decision of migrating to the cloud and making a better cloud migration plan for your business whether it is small or big.

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