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Every organization big or small has a cloud migration strategy and the goal of cloud migration must be not just cost saving and rationalization. There are more than these two benefits that any company or organization must aim. You can aim to make your system more robust and fault tolerant.

If you are shifting your technology and applications to the cloud than there is no sense of shifting if your planning is not appropriate and the system is not scalable.

You can also relate it to your current system. There are dependencies all over your code and the only way to scale your processing capacity is creating an instance of the whole system. But with the introduction of cloud computing, there is no longer a compulsion. Migrating to the cloud has made your hardware as a code and you have the flexibility to create as many as small systems or storage systems or network points according to your need.

Cloud Migration Goals

The best thing about cloud computing is that you can break your monolithic systems into many microsystems and use existing cloud systems to bring scalability. Once you are completely sure that the system is scalable and robust you should focus on making the system agile.

It is clear that if there are more changes in the available system, the system becomes more unstable and consequently, it will be offline more often. It is more difficult to bring system available with a higher level of change.

To meet the business requirements, you have to make the frequent changes in the plan as well as the execution phase. Scalability is the major factor and it should be both up and down. When your business needs to expand, you need to increase the productivity and in another case, if you experience a lull in your business, you need to scale down.

The other goal of cloud migration must be high performance. Performance can only be achieved when you make your system more efficient. To remove bottlenecks, cloud gives you enough flexibility. As mentioned earlier, cloud allows hardware to be in the form of the code. This can help you to remove hardware level bottlenecks.

Security is also the major area which must be dealt when considering cloud migration. when you are putting all your confidential data on the cloud, it must be first clear that who really have access to the data- you alone or your service providers also have access to the same data.

Security of data is one of the most discussed topics of all time and companies are generally considering this before putting their data in the cloud.

Better service providers like Amazon, AWS have better security than their own systems. Also, you will be getting 24*7 technical support from these service providers.

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